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Dec 3, 2013 11:00am PST
the constitution rather than law so that its status can only be changed by a two thirds majority in parliament syrian rebel sport has reportedly taken to control parts of the christian town ultimately a hardline islamist militants are said to put the forces loyal to present but charlotte sound control of the ancient town to switch between its joints around the ongoing civil war many christians as light snow and cemented a place where west in aramaic the language of jesus is toast but can be lethal if the one thousand christians is said to be killed across area water and how many christians are being displaced from the providence journal that the two month long conflict. hardline islamist militants such as the missouri a grip or toys that her organization al qaeda couple of terror attacks on christian churches homes and businesses right across the country has taught today and fixed in position a caliphate the middle east and state. serious christians who make up ten percent of the country's population of one of the oldest communities in the world. however apart from the sentiment on
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am PST
that the government has plans to enact martial law in order to restore calm across ukraine. memorials in remembrance services continue across south africa is the country mourns the death of its first black president and with the official memorial service to take place on tuesday. some sixty heads of state have said they will be there in person although israel's prime minister will not be calling in from all corners of the pool. some of the leaders who will be in attendance include us present crop obama french president francois along and uk prime minister david campbell. israeli prime minster pitcher netanyahu said he wanted to go but after he found that of which the trip was going to cost some three hundred thousand us dollars and that he was going to be a logistical nightmare with three of whom reportedly said it was unfortunately impossible for him to attend. nelson mandela was south africa's first black president who steered his nation the apartheid into multi race democracy. he died late on tuesday at the age of ninety five after months of illness. i. the long. i the community. a
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am PST
coalition to liberalize germany citizenship law at present your body does not permit most immigrants to become german citizens to hold onto their passports the rule has been a heavy burden or injuries more than three million strong turkish community which surfaced during the postwar boom when germany was in need of extra laborers many of the children are reluctant to weaken ties with their own way. they are journeys incoming government is pledging to put an end to the requirement for german born children of immigrant parents to select one nationality before the twenty third birthday. foreigners are able to apply for german citizenship after legally reside in the country for eight years later forced to give up their old nationality the turkish community overwhelmingly muslim present unique challenges for a country like germany which lacks a repudiation of welcoming immigrants but now needs them to make up for declining birth rates merkel's conservatives are still refusing to grant dual citizenship for all people those who were once forced into choosing one passport before the new law com
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am PST
government has resorted to criminal law to bring the party down the allegations against his leadership including murder attempted murder carried out explosions and robbery the report issued by the prosecution claims that the party is made up of a military type structure similar to the nazis whose members mainly target immigrants upon receiving such orders. the topography sucks. that so far. it is located in a special day dana. despite the religious attacks and immigrants who condones popularity has seen a surge in recent polls amid rising illegal immigration from the middle east europe spring. if greece were to hold elections golden dawn could potentially come as the third largest party in parliament . three militants killed by israeli security forces last week belonged to an al qa'ida linked terror group in which a team spirit council has said on its website. new claims raise concerns in the west bank of rising jihadist activity which has already been established in the gaza strip for more than a decade. the organizations said in a statement. we announced to the nation to its late nig
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4